Macarena Ortuzar is a dancer and teacher born in Chile who has lived in the Oxfordshire countryside for the past seven years. She has worked as a dance performer in New York, Houston, Italy, Chile and Japan. One of the most influential experiences on her work were her studies and residence in the countryside of Japan at the Body Weather Farm led by well-known dance maker Min Tanaka founder of Body Weather Technique and as a member of his dance troupe Tokason in 2002. After more than 20 years of dance and search for new languages of expression and training for the body of the performer, she has now developed her own approach, inspired primarily by the research of improvisational butoh-body which has translated into her current investigation named “Human Landscape” as an outdoor dance practice and movement exploration in relation to the environment and its constant and subtlest changes.


Working on this project with Macarena and Dariusz, I have questions which if at all are only answered in the doing. I tend to like to work from an intention of awareness of space as a sort of default setting, constantly challenged by all the various wanderings, the engagement of the body in the actions of playing and the shapes and forms we may have set in advance. So a dialogue or conversation may come at times, but it isn’t really the object: inhabiting this space at the same time, intending to be aware of the shifts in the mind and body does engender form-creating discontinuities, which alongside everything else taking place in the space, might contribute to animating it.


Dariusz is a filmmaker and digital artist. Looking after lights and projections, Dariusz explores relationships between the dancer and space, as well as between visible and invisible. Dariusz uses the lights the way he handles cameras, varying distance, angles and field sizes in order to create atmospheric visuals.

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